CHEN Baocheng
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Baocheng Chen,Male,Born in 1969 July 28th,Master,Associate Professor

Baocheng Chen is associate professor and ms director of soil science at Shandong Agriculture University, from which he obtained his B.S. and M.S. degree of soil science in 1993 and 2010, respectively. Mr. Chen has conducted/participated more than 7 funded research projects including sub-project of 12th five-year plan, sub-project of Chinese academy of sciences, enterprise fund, leap of agricultural science, technology project and national 948 project, project of Shandong province science &technology department, and project of Shandong province education commission. Over the past few years, associate professor Chen has published several papers published on journals including “Journal of Soil and Water Conservation”, “Journal of Shandong Agriculture University”, “Northern Horticulture” etc..


Associate Professor (2010 to present), Soil Science Department, Shandong Agricultural University

Lecturer (1993 to 2010), Soil Science Department, Shandong Agricultural University

Research interest

Soil chemistry

Soil Science

Soil and Plant Nutrients

Taught curriculum

“Soil Science”

“Soil and Fertilizer Science”

“Utilization Science of Soil Resources”

“Science of Agricultural Resources”

“Soil and Fertilization Management of Green Agricultural Products”

Teaching Achievements

First Prize of Teaching Papers Award, Shandong Agriculture University

Third Prize of Teaching Quality Award, Shandong Agriculture University

Awards & Recognitions

Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (2009, eighth), China

Third Prize of Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award (fourth), Shandong Province, China

Second Prize of Provincial Forestry Administration Award (third), Shandong Province, China

Book Chapters

Q&A of Soil Testing and Formulated Fertilization (chief editor)

Experiment of Soil Science (chief editor)

Soil and Fertilizer Science (editor)