WANG Ailing
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WANG Ailing, doctor, professor, doctoral supervisor national certified real estate appraisers, national certified land appraiser.

Graduate Student Course: land economy project, real estate development

Undergraduate Course: real estate appraisal, real estate development and management.

Research field: land consolidation, land evaluation, land use plan.

Research projects:

1. The country's social science youth fund, Middle-aged, 2005-2008

2. Young scientist award fund in Shandong province, 2007-2011

3. 11 national sciences and technology support plan, 2006-2010


1. Social science award in Shandong province, third prize, 2010.9

2. Shandong outstanding bachelor's thesis guidance teachers, 2007.7

3. Soft science award of Shandong province, third prize, 2005.12

4. Science and technology award of Shandong province, third prize, 2003.11


More than 30 papers published on Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering, China Land Science, Journal of Natural Resources, Chinese Journal of Applied Ecology.