XU Yuxin
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YuxinXu, male, born in January 1967, associate professor and tutor of postgraduate, member of China environmental science association, Chairman of Shandong agricultural ecological protection society, member of Chinese plant nutrition society, Shandong environmental science association and Shandong agricultural engineering association. He holds " China environmental impact assessment qualification certificate" and "professional qualification certificate of EIA engineer" which are issued by Bureau of National Environmental Protection.

He graduated from Zhejiang University in major of Environmental Protection and obtained the Bachelor degree of Engineer in 1989. Further, He had been working as a teaching assistant, lecturer and associate professor in the college of Resources and Environment of Shandong Agricultural University since August 1989, and had been granted for the Master of agronomy degree in 1999.

He had conducted , , and other undergraduate courses along with , and other graduate course as well. His books of and had won the second prize of the third session of excellent teaching material and the third prize of the fourth session of excellent teaching material of Shandong University. Also, He had taken part in the "pollution control course teaching system and the practical teaching research", and had accessed to the third prize of the Shandong province teaching research results. Last but not least, his work of “the environmental monitoring practice teaching reform and innovation” had won higher education teaching achievement prize in Shandong agricultural university.

His major research area is in utilizing the wastes, environment management and assessment, energy resources control and ecology engineer. Now he is in charge of the sustained development research about youth entrepreneurship development zone also the environment benefits about the gangue comprehensive utilization. As a major research member, he takes part in a lot of NSFC project including life cycle management of agriculture eco-economic system research, atrazine bioremediation of the persistent organic contaminant, molecular ecology toxicological effect of atrazine and cadmium combined pollution, Soil microbial community structure Succession law in biodegradation process by atrazine. And he also took part in another 5 provincial scientific research subject such as the agricultural information and agricultural high-tech demonstration base build research. Until now he has published about 30 paper in a lot of journals including Ecological journal, Journal of Applied Ecology, Ecological toxicology journal, Journal of agricultural environmental protection ecotoxicology, Soil and Water Conservation in China , journal Shandong agricultural university, Environmental science and technology. And he has edited Agricultural environment management and Environmental management and planning. Also he participates in editing 4 higher universities for teaching forestry including Overview of environmental science, Environmental science and engineering of the comprehensive experiment. And Overview of environmental science wins excellent teaching material by Agricultural science and education foundation of national higher agricultural colleges. Also he participates in editing clean production and circulation economy.

One if his thesis is a best paper awarded By China agricultural ecological environmental protection association.