WANG Yujun
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My name is Wang Yujun, a man born in November 1963.I’m the associate professor of Shandong Agricultural University, the tutor of Master degree candidate, chairman of the environmental engineering department. I’m now working in the department of environmental science and engineering, college of Resource and Environmental Engineering. I’m the association of Shandong agricultural environmental protection.

I graduated from the environmental engineering department of Qingdao institute of architecture and engineering in 1986, and then obtained a Bachelor of engineering degree. After graduated, I worked in the plant protection and the Resource and Environmental Engineering College of Shandong Agricultural University. Since working , I has taught many different professional courses and experiment, for example, " Water pollution and waste water treatment"," Ecological environment", " Environmental monitoring"," Environmental analysis foundation"," Noise pollution and control"," Environmental protection skills ", " Environmental Engineering"," Introduction to environmental science", and so on. I edited, chair or participation, many teaching and experimental guidance, for example"Agricultural environmental management", "Environmental assessment course", "Introduction to environmental science", " English for environmental science and Engineering"and so on. I was received the third prize of " pollution prevention curriculum practice teaching research" of Shandong province, and many other prizes. I enrolled in Environmental Science and environmental engineering graduate studentsand now directing 7 graduate students.

I’m main research is the wastewater pollution and treatment engineering, remediation engineering. I engaged in pollution control, environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessment study, hosted and participated in many national, Provincial Natural Science Foundation, schools and other projects. I has published 20 or so research articles in academic journals of Domestic and foreign, like"Water supply and drainage", " Water saving irrigation"," Chinese agricultural sciences Bulletin ", " Soil and water conservation journal", and so on.